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Now accepting photography assignments

"Bigger Picture Images" is a brand of international award-winning photographer, Daniel Paul.

"The world is full of 'ordinary photographers.' Daniel isn't one of them. He's a master of photography... an artist of light and lens."

Fox News uses Bigger Pictures Images' photographs for online news stories.

"The photos look amazing."
- Alexa Miller, Head of Public Relations, Tucson Fashion Week

"The weekend pool pictures look great! Thank you so much!"
- Katie Brashear , Marketing Manager, W Scottsdale Hotel & Residences

"Danny, your photos look AMAZING! Absolutely love you work."
- CC Perkinson, CC Variety TV, Hollywood, CA

Bigger Picture shoots Miss USA 2012 pageant in Las Vegas.

"I really like it and would love to publish it as our 'Life' page."
- Sarah Daoust, Senior Managing Editor, 944 Magazine

"I saw the pictures you took and they looked fantastic!"
- Hal Looney
  Area President,   Arizona Division
  Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities, Shea Homes, Inc.

"It looks so perfect."
- Kay Lim
Los Angeles Fashion Designer

Bigger Picture documents the visit and Wrestlemania marketing events of WWE's Hall of Fame wrestler Sgt. Slaughter.

Bigger Picture photographs celebrities at Taser Foundation charity golf event.

Numerous international news outlets choose Bigger Picture's images of Obama healthcare reform supporters and protesters during the President's visit to Phoenix, AZ.

Bigger Picture has morning photo session with famous NASA astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Scott Carpenter.

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures!"
- Jen Appel, Posh Properties, Scottsdale, Arizona

"....and such speedy work --it's my turn to be impressed!"

Laurie Berg Sapp, Glendale Channel 11, Station Manager
City of Glendale Marketing/Communications

Utblick Magazine, Sweden, chooses Bigger Picture image for news article about Swedish weapons exports.

School of Journalism and Electronic Media, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, chooses a Bigger Picture image for their web site.

Bigger Picture covers Barack Obama's "Stand For Change" visit to Phoenix, Arizona.

Bigger Picture covers John McCain Super Tuesday primaries evening celebration.

944 Magazine invites Bigger Picture to 944 Super Village to do photoshoot the Paris Hilton hosted red carpet event. Super Village is part of the Super Bowl XLII celebration.

Free Kick Magazine, Vancouver, BC, Canada, selects Bigger Picture image for magazine cover.

News Agencies around the world are purchasing Bigger Pictures' popular Barack Obama photos.

Yahoo News selects Bigger Picture image (Senator John McCain Celebrates Super Tuesday) for front page news.

Getty Images selects Bigger Picture's John McCain Super Tuesday images. (The New York Times Company) chooses several Bigger Picture images of Senator John McCain for their Phoenix edition.

British Council (Belfast, Ireland) - chooses a Bigger Picture image for their web site. (The New York Times Company) chooses Bigger Picture for several Phoenix online weeklies.

iCandy showgirl dancers choose Bigger Picture for photoshoot.

"They look fantastic. You are brilliant!"
- Jan
Katzen-Luchenta, Author

"Daniel, itís a great image!"
- Joanna Donaldson, British Council, Northern Ireland

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Bigger Picture shoots Spring and Fall fashions for several top fashion designers - Culver City, CA

Scottsdale fashion designer chooses Bigger Picture to photograph her latest line of women's clothing.

Bigger Picture photographs angels to promote Cirque du Soleil's new show, "Corteo." See Flash video

Hollywood actress Jessica Collins chooses Daniel's Bigger Picture headshot for her professional portfolio and her IMDB listing.

"I really think your work is terrific. My agents love the shot. And, your picture of Rebecca de Mornay is absolutely beautiful!"

    -- Jessica Collins

Jeordie - Bigger Picture photographs Jeordie, female singing sensation from the Phoenix area. (Jeordie is the daughter of Melanie, 60's music superstar.)

Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational invites Bigger Picture Images to do photoshoot in Palm Desert, CA.

Bigger Picture Images at 944 Magazine's All Star Weekend Epic Extravaganza (celebration of the NBA All Star game in Phoenix, Arizona).

Out Of The Woods custom cabinetry manufacturer chooses Bigger Picture to do product photoshoot for their web site, ads and brochures - Salt Lake City, Utah


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